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Cassie's Autobiography

Written May 7, 1997

I was born December 20, 1983, into a family of three: Mom, Dad, and older sister, Maya, who was almost almost seven at the time. When I was born, we had three cats and lived in a condominium in Ridge. In 1989, just before I started school. we moved. It wasn't a big move -- just across town to a house with an enormous (by comparison) yard. That's when we started getting pets. We went from three to five cats plus two dogs, over eight years, of course.

At around the time I was eight, I started acting. My sister has been an actress for as long as I can remember and my Dad used to direct plays at the school where he teaches. So it was inevitable. I've been in Peter Pan, Romeo and Juliet, Annie, Really Rosie, Grease, and The Pied Piper.

I still like acting, but not as much as I used to. I also like soccer, swimming, reading, singing, playing the cello, shopping, and school -- to name a few things. I collect things such as candles, pins, ceramic figurines, and, last but not least, Arizona Iced Tea bottles.

Both of my parents are teachers and my sister is an acting major at West Virginia University. My current choice of profession for when I grow up is journalist.

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